Goodbye FIDM

Written on Mar 16, 2010 // Meditations.

I helped critique Mrs. Krell’s Residential Thesis class again today, and it was nice to be there.

Almost exactly a year earlier, I walked off campus as a student for the last time. As I walked across the campus park towards the elevators today under the early afternoon sun, I was compelled to take a moment to remember where I’ve been, and how I’ve come full circle, 3 years later. I start my new job TOMORROW.

I saw two pigeons land on the ground 30 feet away, and I remembered how I used to enjoy watching them from the bench on my breaks, away from the hustle and bustle of drafting homework in Los Angeles. I felt at home in those moments, feeding them what I could and watching them walk clumsily in affectionate circles. I remembered the perspective drawing that I rendered of the FIDM building for my first class there, Sketching Techniques. And how my instructor got a kick out of the two silhouetted pigeons in the foreground.

And then in that moment, the two pigeons walked towards me, from 30 feet away. They came right up to me, and though I didn’t have any food to offer, they said hello for a minute, and I enjoyed their presence.

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