Written on Aug 22, 2010 // Uncategorized.

I took a break from trading after losing for two consecutive months. The mini-crash a few months ago with the whole Greece thing… that was tough. And the markets are still very choppy. So I’ve been paper trading.

But paper trading is hard. I just don’t have the incentive get up early in the morning to check charts when I know there’s no profit involved. So I haven’t been successful at all with paper. I’ve been focusing more on my full-time job, which I love.

So I signed up for RED Option. They have an autotrading service, which links directly to thinkorswim. I’m trading with real money again, but this time on autopilot. I’m buying a house right now, so jumping into the market again would probably be disastrous. We’ll see how this goes, I’m excited. I look forward to trading on my own again, but with a few more wins under my belt.

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